Thursday, November 15, 2007

"Dorm Storm" by Jeff Randal

So I've got four roommates, only one of whom was on board with
recycling and proper waste disposal. And for the past two months my
morning routine has consisted of going to the bathroom, brushing my
teeth and resorting the recycling from the previous day. First I
asked, then told, then pleaded for my roommates to simply not be so
lazy and just think about what goes where, but to no avail. And so
finally after finding yet another plastic bottle in the trash and the
our bins running over to the floor the cleaning people stopped taking
out our recycling, it was truly the last soda bottle for me... So I
devised a fool proof plan to get everyone in my suite to recycle, I
opened up MS Paint and with as much artistic skill as a 4th grader
made signs reminding my suitemates that if they recycled then our
cleaning people might take out our recycling and I taped them above
each container. I still had a few days of resorting but like magic it
now happens automatically and I don't even need to check to make sure
it is done right. So that is my advice to anyone out there with
roommates who are harmful to Mother Earth, make funny signs to remind

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